I have just had my first personal styling appointment and I wish I had taken the plunge years ago. Clare put me at ease straight away and has a wealth of knowledge and experience that was incredibly helpful. I have taken away so much for the day in terms of colour, shape and style and have some lovely pieces in my autumn/winter wardrobe. I have booked again to see Clare in the summer and can’t wait. Thank you Clare for sharing your tools and advice, I am thrilled with my new wardrobe and can’t believe the boost it has given to my confidence. I would highly recommend.

Clare is a life changer. I went into my appointment a nervous, insecure, middle aged woman who had fallen down a rabbit hole of being ‘influenced’ into buying clothes that looked fabulous on the online influencers but terrible on me. Clare put me at ease straight away, so much so that it felt like I was shopping with an old friend, (a very professional, stylish & knowledgeable old friend) rather than a stylist. Following my session with Clare, I feel happier & more confident than I have done in years. I now know not only which colours and clothing shapes suit me but understand why. My wardrobe is streamlined & choosing what to wear is a joy. I’ve been introduced to clothing brands and colours (purple!) I previously wouldn’t have considered. I feel amazing & am happily no longer beholden to influencers. My life genuinely has changed. Thank you Clare. 💜Give a girl an outfit & you dress her for a day. Teach a girl which outfits suit her & why & you dress her for life! 💜

I can't recommend Clare highly enough, she is amazing at her job and a lovely, warm and empathetic person. What she doesn't know about colour, body shape and clothes shopping really isn't worth knowing! I'd always thought Personal Stylists were for the rich and famous but now I know that a good Stylist will actually save you money and is worth every penny - much like I tell my clients about a good accountant! Clare also works with any level of clothes budget. After a lot of ill health, I had started to find shopping for clothes a real chore and was struggling to find a good day-to-day wardrobe for work, home and going out. I felt too tired, and often too unwell, to trail around the shops, and where I live has few good clothes shops anyway. I am also petite, which makes things even more difficult. In desperation I googled Personal Stylists out of interest and read a few blogs and websites to see if it would be possible to find someone who could help take the strain off me so I could concentrate on my work. Out of all the sites I read, Clare's stood out. The photographs she had on there of herself were so reassuring. She is not some scary, six foot model type and yet she looks stunning because she knows how to dress body shape and, most importantly, she has a brilliant eye for colour. I initially booked an appointment to go shopping with her in Manchester but when the corona crisis made that impossible Clare suggested I could postpone or try Online Styling instead. We had an initial Zoom meeting - after my having sent Clare photos of myself and filling in a detailed questionnaire. Clare then went away and found clothes and shoes she felt would suit my size, colouring and body shape and pinned them to a Pinterest board where I clicked through to buy anything I liked. I then had a follow up Zoom meeting where I tried on everything and we went through what suited me. She is so good that virtually everything she chose suited me and I have struggled to know what to return! She introduced me to clothes shops and brands I had no idea existed. The whole thing was not just helpful but so enjoyable, I loved it - so much so that I have booked to go shopping with her in October when the seasons change.​

After the past two years and my age I felt that I had really lost my way with clothes shopping and didn’t know where to shop anymore or what to buy. I spent a lot of wasted time online and then in the post office queue waiting to send the things I’d ordered back. I came across Clare by accident on Instagram and really liked her style advice posts so decided to take the plunge and book in for a Full Restyle. It was so lovely to meet her when she came to my home. She did a Colour Analysis and a full Wardrobe Edit. Between us, we weeded out the wrong colours or clothes that just did not work for me anymore. I didn’t realise I had so many black clothes!! A couple of weeks later, I met Clare again and spent a really lovely few hours in the Personal Shopping Suite trying on clothes that she’d selected for me to fill the gaps in my wardrobe. I was so excited when I saw the selection of beautiful clothes on the rail in my colours just waiting to be tried on. No trawling around the shops for me!! I felt very special with all this time just focussed on me. Clare was very honest if she didn’t think something was quite right and would accept if I wasn’t keen on something, so I felt I could really trust her opinion. She explained why certain things looked good on me, so I’ve learned a lot. I’ve booked in again already for two more Personal Shopping trips next year. If you’re in need of wardrobe guidance and a real boost of confidence I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Clare’s wonderful services. Thank you Clare!

Clare is so good at what she does! Having had a few appointments with her over the last two years I can honestly say I have leant so much about what suits me and goes with my lifestyle. I have also saved time and money as I have been delighted with all the things I have bought after our sessions together. Yesterday’s session really brought it home how much I had learnt and how I can now recognise when something looks great on me and suits my style. Everything will be easy to wear in the future - no more clothes stuck in the wardrobe not being worn from year to year! Thank you Clare!

Clare is amazing at what she does. I was stuck in a rut and had lost my fashion mojo after having my son. Clare fully understood my needs and has created a wardrobe that I feel comfortable wearing and is practical but ultimately very stylish as well. I had such fun in the dressing room and Clare was so lovely and explained how the pieces work together and for my body shape and colouring. She also told me lots of tips on how to style the pieces to get that look that fashion people have! I look forward to getting dressed in a morning now and I’m sure this will keep improving my confidence as the days go on. It’s so much more than the clothes. Thank you Clare!

Just had my second personal styling consultation with Clare after first taking the plunge in February 2020 as I was stuck in rut with my clothing, wishing I could wear better clothes but not knowing where to start. Clothes shopping was stressful and ultimately disappointing as I’d waste money on things that didn’t suit me and wouldn’t wear. Clare is truly brilliant in what she does and paying for her expertise is a very worthwhile investment in yourself. Clare does all the hard work for you, bringing a great selection to work through to get clothes that suit you, fit you, and can be worn in many combinations to make into a number of outfits from a relatively small selection. Whilst Clare’s fashion eye is exceptional, it’s her people skills that really made the difference for me. She’s kind, she’s honest, she coaches without being pushy and helps you on the journey to some new styles. Clare explains how things work in combination, how and why certain fits and colours look better together. Clare goes at your pace, it can be evolution or it can be revolution. My first time was a gentle introduction and some signature pieces, my second session was a little bolder with some new colours and textures. Without Clare, I wouldn’t have even considered them, but they’re now my favourites and always make me smile when I wear them. Can’t recommend Clare highly enough and have already booked for my third session.

I did a four hour Personal Styling appointment with Clare. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I wanted to refresh my style and wardrobe and to choose some classic items / staples for my wardrobe that I could layer and wear in differing ways. Clare totally got the brief and chose some gorgeous items for me. The whole experience was enjoyable and Clare completely put me at ease. I am loving wearing my new items. I love the fact I no longer open my wardrobe and think I have nothing to wear. Clare has also helped me understand the colours that suit me, some of which I would never have thought to choose. I have had so many compliments about my purchases. Clare has also followed up after the appointment to help me with additional items - nothing is too much trouble for her. I will definitely be doing this again!

For Christmas 2019 my husband gave me a gift voucher for a three-hour wardrobe edit and four-hour Personal Stylist shopping trip. Apprehensive at first, having now redeemed the voucher it has to be ‘the’ best present ever! Keep your gems, the only diamond you need is Clare. What a kind, compassionate lady she is, not only a Stylist but a great listener, totally understanding me as an individual and where I am with regards to my style, or lack of!! Having had my wardrobe ‘edited’ I felt uplifted and excited to go shopping, which for me is not usual as shopping for clothes fills me with dread, the whole experience being too overwhelming. After today, not anymore, I’ve tried different styles and colours, understand what works for me and have skipped home with bags of clothes I love. I have already confirmed a date to shop again in September, thank you Clare, it was a wonderful experience!

Well Clare, what can I say? You've turned me into the woman I never knew I could be and I'm loving it! Thank you for listening to me, my interests and my dreams and making it become a reality in my new wardrobe. The wardrobe edit really revealed how confused my style was with some horrific outfits and pieces of clothing. None of these did anything for me in terms of style, substance or confidence and occupied physical and mental space. I now have a wardrobe which really represents who I am. Thank you for cajoling me into trying new colours, styles and being brave with my choices. Clare is warm, personable, compassionate and understanding. A wardrobe edit, body shape and colour analysis and a day of personal shopping has changed my life in more ways than I ever realised it could.

Clare is a wonderful guide, in that she knows her stuff and knows what to say and when and how to say it. She’s honest... but kind! She’s invested in helping you uncover the best best version of yourself. Not in turning you into something that you are not. She makes you feel comfortable, but not so comfortable you’ll agree to something that you later have to rethink. She’s personal without being over familiar. She’s really just very very good at her job. And she’s exactly what I needed/wanted! I loved it. Thank you

I had the most wonderful Colour & Body Shape Analysis with Clare. Clare is personable, relatable, knowledgeable and super friendly. She was so open to my questions and at no point me feel rushed. You can tell how much she cares about her clients, how passionate she is about what she does and her desire to genuinely empower you. It was incredibly insightful to learn more about the colours that suit me best and how to dress for my body type. It's such an essential part of fashion and I believe everyone should know what their best colours are. If you want to feel like you're in great hands and you want to speak to an expert, then Clare is your go-to person. I can't recommend her enough and look forward to booking a wardrobe edit and style appointment with her.

Had a personal shopping experience with Clare today that was fabulous. I was quite nervous beforehand but Clare is so friendly and kind, she immediately put me at ease. Clare had established what I wanted from the experience and had done some pre-shopping and we were ready to go from the outset. Some updates, some brave choices and some fantastic ways of putting them together so that I had multiple outfits from a limited range of clothing and that I could dress up and down depending on the situation. I never felt pressure into things I wasn’t sure of and Clare helped me along on the journey, explaining how different things could mix and match. I also got some basics on what to wear in terms of my body shape and how different cuts and sizes work for me. Truly good value experience, Clare really does know her stuff and made it a memorable day. Can highly recommend.

I had a Colour Consultation, Wardrobe Edit and Personal Shopping trip with Clare. She was friendly, helpful and honest (but ruthless - in a good way!) with assessing my current wardrobe. She left me feeling a lot more confident about what I had and how to wear it - I also sorted my clothes out and it’s been a breeze to choose what to wear since then! I was also more knowledgeable about what colours and styles would suit me, which meant I wasn’t lured in by mid-season sales before our shopping trip. The shopping trip was really exciting and insightful. I was also ready for a nap at the end! Over a coffee, Clare first showed me a style board of items she’d pre-selected; she clearly understood what I was looking for, but also showed me items I would’ve never thought to look at. She was so helpful as we searched things out and tried it all on. I came away with some brilliant staples, luxury items and lots of colour! Anything we couldn’t locate or try in my size was sent to me on email afterwards. Since our trip, I’ve messaged Clare for advice and shared my OOTD a few times! I also followed up her suggestion of a straight leg jean with a raw hem and can honestly say I bloody love them! Everything works with the clothes I already had, but has taken it up a notch. I’d absolutely recommend Clare to anyone who fancies anything from a one-off outfit to a style overhaul. I can’t wait for our next trip Clare, thank you.

I have been using Clare’s styling service for the last couple of years, we generally shop together twice a year but have also done Online Styling in between for a wardrobe top up or for a specific event. What Clare does is fantastic, our trips are always based on thorough research and I’m encouraged to try new things. Items I wouldn’t have picked up on my own are now firm wardrobe favourites. Clare has a wealth of knowledge that she shares freely, I also feel completely comfortable in her company and trust her advice implicitly. Clothes shopping has become hassle free and fun and Clare has become my fashion friend.

Just recently had my first Wardrobe Edit session with Clare and absolutely loved it! She brought clothes I’d had for years back to life with styling tips and tricks and made me really think about some key lasting pieces I could add. What I like about her is it’s not a one size fits all approach she spent a lot of time understanding my style and personality and tailored her advice accordingly. She also hasn’t stopped sending me ideas and is happy to answer any questions I have. Super professional, warm and friendly I’d recommend her to anyone. Do it, I’ll be heading out on a shopping trip with her as soon as I can!

I had a Wardrobe Edit with Clare and I also had a Personal Shopping session. I absolutely loved Clare. She made me feel comfortable, empowered and so happy. Clare was very professional and friendly. I learnt what colours suited me, which fits complemented my body and how to wear each of my new items in various different ways. I had the most fun shopping with Clare and trying on things that I fell in love with straight away. It was incredible how Clare was able to meet me for a few hours and incorporate my personality into the new items she had picked for me. I would definitely recommend shopping with Clare and learning how to dress for your body shape. Thank you so much Clare for my new wadrobe.

I loved my Personal Shopping appointment with Clare. The Colour Analysis was eye opening and she really understood how to dress my body. She pulled things I would have never tried in a million years and I’m so glad she did! I typically find shopping can make me feel bad about myself or disappointed. But this was a dream. I had a genuine skip in my step. Clare is basically my spirit animal!

I already knew that Clare was fantastic at Styling before I booked her, because she’s previously styled both my Mum and Dad! I’ve always been a Jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, but I’d got stuck in a jeans rut.... always choosing skinnies and wearing pairs that just didn’t fit me or accentuate my figure. I wanted to branch out and Clare helped me do this with her specialised “Just Jeans” appointment. I found her pre-shop Client Questionnaire super helpful as I managed to air all my frustrations, discuss body shape, price point and most importantly: how I wanted to feel in my new jeans. On the day Clare knew exactly where to shop, what style, wash of denim and size I should try on. To echo many other reviews, she put me in things I’d never have picked up if I was shopping solo! Clare is so passionate about fashion, body positivity and inclusivity and it’s infectious! She encourages you to acknowledge and accentuate your best bits, which is so important underneath the changing room spotlight! It’s safe to say I came away with some amazing jeans that make me feel great. The whole experience was fabulous and positive. I now want her to sort my entire wardrobe out! Thank you Clare!

I cannot believe the difference in my wardrobe after doing my Wardrobe Edit with Clare!! Not only can I now see the clothes in there, but Clare also provided me with loads of ideas about the best colours and shapes for me, how to put outfits together and lots of other helpful fashion tips and tricks. I feel like I have hundreds of new outfits without actually buying any new clothes!! Clare is really, really lovely, she is fun to be around and won't judge even the most hideous fashion mistakes that lurk in the back of the wardrobe! I would highly recommend using her services, they will save you money long term and make you feel great about your clothes and yourself!! I look forward to working with her again.

"Just Jeans" . . . Or was it?? I booked in for a “Just Jeans” two hour personal shop with Clare because jeans are the foundation of my casual wardrobe but I was stuck in a rut, always buying the same old skinny legs. I really love the look of straight legs and Mom jeans on other people but previously I have had nothing but disaster when trying these styles on my own in the fitting room!! Clare was great, she totally understood my concerns and the challenges when selecting jeans for my petite shape. I felt totally confident in Clare’s ability to select the right styles to try on – carefully showing me what to look for in terms of thigh cut, leg lengths and overall shapes. When I was trying on the selection, I felt that Clare was really thinking about how I could wear the jeans and made lots of suggestions on styling and achieving different looks with each pair. Absolutely invaluable advice!! I now have two different pairs of fabulous straight leg jeans and thanks to all of Clare’s insider-info I have already been shopping in my own wardrobe and have paired them with several existing items to create lots of new outfits. In my opinion the “Just Jeans” shop was so much more! Clare has an enthusiasm and flair for her role and you feel totally taken care of. I felt like a VIP for 2 hours and can’t wait to book in for further shop-ups!

Clare has style inspiration from the high street right through to designer and can provide me with advice from classics to on trend items to update my wardrobe for the current season and many seasons ahead. Clare also knows how to style a curvy girl and made my experience a really enjoyable one, putting any nerves/apprehension on my part quickly to one side! Thanks for an amazing day Clare!

Clare is very helpful, kind and when required strict! She has been great getting me out of my comfort zone and guiding me through a wardrobe overhaul! She’s helped my confidence and has been very supportive! More like a friend. She has her fashion finger not only on the pulse but sometimes ahead of the trend and celebrities! I would heartily recommend her services. You will not be disappointed.

Honestly, Clare has been great. She explained all the small details that I thought were important but was also direct and honest with me. She was very communicative, explaining everything with confidence which made me feel like I was in good hands. She made the most of my physique by choosing colour and clothing styles that worked well with areas of my body I wanted to show. It was an excellent experience.

I booked a wardrobe edit and personal shop with Clare after hitting my forties and feeling in a bit of a clothes rut. I wasn’t particularly adventurous buying for myself and really wanted a different professional eye/opinion. The wardrobe edit I really enjoyed, having a good sort out, getting rid of anything that was the wrong shape/fit or colour for me and leaving behind all the staple pieces. It also gave Clare an idea of my shape and size, and where I usually shopped for my clothes. Clare then made a list of the items my wardrobe was missing, including versatile footwear. We had a personal shop a couple of weeks later. Clare knew exactly which shops and items we were in search of and it was a really enjoyable experience. Many items were bought, Clare introduced me to a lot of pieces of clothing I would never consider for myself and the different ways to wear them and that is what I was really after. Each item worked perfectly with my existing wardrobe and I now feel I have a real capsule wardrobe. I can honestly say I have not looked in my wardrobe yet and thought “what am I going to wear” I am literally spoilt for choice. The experience has also made me think more wisely when buying for myself in the future. Do I need it, will it work with what I already have, have I already got something similar? Also thinking more quality than quantity. It is an experience I would wholeheartedly recommend.

I love Clare’s style tips, ideas, inspiration and honesty. Clare introduced me to a look that I may not have chosen myself but the compliments and positive responses that I’ve received have made me feel fantastic. The collection we chose together suit my colour, body shape, lifestyle and budget. I fell into a pattern of choosing the same style and shopping on the internet. Clare has opened my eyes to different brands and independent retailers in my price bracket, and has taken the frustration and time wasting out of shopping. I am excited to look in to my wardrobe everyday!

After losing 5 stones I felt really lost in knowing what clothes to wear and what suited me....that's where Clare came into her own. She has literally transformed me and my thought process. She definitely took me out of my comfort zone and made me try some styles that initially I thought no way!! I book in twice a year and she sorts me a capsule wardrobe. I now absolutely love clothes and looking in my wardrobe is an absolute joy. Thank you so much Clare xxx

Clare, you were amazing! Best styling experience and I loved hanging out with you too, felt really relaxed and like you understood what I wanted. Thank you!

Clare, a big thank you for your Colour Analysis appointment. I found you very personable to start with which always goes a long way when getting advice about fashion and appearance! You created a very relaxed environment and are clearly an expert in your field. I’d definitely recommend Colour Analysis for anyone whose seeking some interesting advice to help them build confidence in tailoring the colour palette of their wardrobe!

Clare did a Wardrobe Edit with me and she was so lovely, professional, great tips and made me think about clothes in a very different way! Loved having my colours done will make shopping so much easier now! I’m so exited to purchase a few keys pieces to complete my wardrobe. The thing I loved about the wardrobe edit was that it was done as a team and although I now have a pile of clothes to get rid off I didn’t feel pressure to get rid of them because we did it together in such a structured way. For me it wasn’t about buying lots of new pieces but getting some new key pieces and making what I have work. Clare understood after two babies my shape had changed and she was really encouraging and understood that I have some larger clothes to wear now and some to slim into. All in all a great experience would highly recommend Clare.

My first time with a Personal Stylist and would absolutely recommend Clare for her honest and knowledgeable advice! I have replenished my wardrobe with some gorgeous pieces. Styles to suit my colouring/shape & lifestyle. I love choosing what to wear everyday and it’s all so versatile. Thank you so much, Clare! I absolutely loved my day with you. I felt utterly spoiled. I cannot wait to show my husband everything!

I booked a Colour Consultation with Clare for myself and a friend after wanting to have my colours done for a number of years now. I was adamant that a number of colours don’t suit me and Clare assured me there was a shade for everyone so I was intrigued to see what my ideal shades would be! We had a lovely girly morning spent looking at all the shades against our skin and I was so surprised how some colours really could lift and rejuvenate and others did nothing for me. I would highly recommend this service from Clare, it’s meant I can add new colours to my existing wardrobe and know how to wear my existing colours best. I have already recommend to friends and would tell everyone to try it! Thanks Clare xx

I had a really good experience with Clare. She managed the day very well, always with a smile, and achieved all my expectations. If you want to look sharp, I really recommend her.